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“Restorations to Reality”

“If there is a challenging restoration project in the Austin, Texas, area that might scare off other contractors, Realty Restoration is the company to take that kind of job head on. David Davison, who launched Realty Restoration in 2001, has the experience and capabilities to tackle the most complex projects the Austin market has to offer.”


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“Re-Imagining the Traditional Kitchen”

“When entering this Austin, Texas, kitchen, it flows so seamlessly with the rest of the home one would never guess the complex design considerations and craftsmanship that went into it. The new homeowner, a real estate agent who relocated to Austin, wanted to open up the closed off kitchen area and unite it with the adjacent living space.”

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“A Joyful Noise”

“The calming sight of a cool pool and the irritating cacophony of a busy road go together about as well as oil and water. For this backyard makeover in Northwest Hills, Austin, priority one was blocking out the traffic sounds from a nearby crosstown thoroughfare. The creative use of water features brought peace to the poolside and a welcome splash of serenity to its grateful inhabitants…”

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“A Joyful Noise”

“The calming sight of a cool pool and the irritating cacophony of a busy road go together about as well as oil and water. The home now boasts a new open floor plan with an exquisite kitchen perfect for entertaining, rooms featuring Old World touches incorporating mesquite, knotty alder and reclaimed pine, a bronze-finish standing seam metal roof, the rare quarried stone front façade, cobblestone pavers and much more…”

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“Party Kitchen”

“In most homes, the kitchen is much more than a place for food storage and preparation. It’s a gathering place, entertaining space and a nexus for the entire house. The kitchen is just where people naturally come together. One family in Austin, Texas, sought to take this concept to the next level…”

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“Move and Flow” – Oct. 2014

“The homeowners gave Bowen several specific ideas on what they wanted out of their currently claustrophobic space. ‘They wanted a better overall flow,’ explained Bowen. ‘It should be bright, refined, and more like a piece of jewelry…” Read More

“Gourmet Angles” – May 2014

“As the center of the home, a kitchen and the family who uses it should match in size and function. For one Texan family, the two could not be less suitable…” Read More

“A Lady’s Retreat” – Dec. 2013

“For a woman to have her own space is to grant her an oasis. In redesigning this Texan home’s master bath, this idea set the stage for a peaceful, yet individual design…” Read More

“Blend and Mix” – Sept. 2013

“The line between a kitchen and a living space faded in Realty Restoration’s kitchen redesign for an artistic mother and her three daughters…” Read More

Professional Remodeler Magazine

Realty Restorations’ Kitchen Remodel on Spring Lane was recently featured on the cover of Professional Remodeler magazine as the example photo for their article ’16 Design Tips and Trends from the Industry’s Leading Experts’.

Urban Home Magazine

“The New Market”

“Our number one goal during presentations to potential clients is to show them how our team delivers projects on a timely basis, with cost-effective and comprehensive problem-solving solutions, which avoids cost increases during the construction phase,” says David Davison. “By concentrating on the details of smarter solutions, our clients are left with an amazing kitchen and living space that they are proud to show off to their friends and family. This process can be a fun and enlightening experience and create lasting relationships along the way.”…

Symmetry Magazine

“Radical Renovations ~ Breathing New Life into Old Spaces”

“There is something undeniably inspiring about taking an old space and breathing a new sense of life into it. Whether it’s a home you have loved for years that no longer suits your lifestyle or a new house in need of a fresh touch, redesign done right can be a beautiful thing…”

“You Say You Want a Revolution ~ Technology Renovates Communications in the Building Trades”

“Christopher Davison, AIA, with Realty Restoration especially loves the ability software gives him to share key concepts with his clients. Davison uses Autodesk ® Revit, a software specifically created for Building Information Modeling (BIM), and considers it the workhorse behind all his designs. “For years, design and construction documents were separated into different programs: one for visual representation and the other for documentation,” he explains. “Revit allows me to design in 3D and work on the construction documents at the same time. Being able to show a client, who would otherwise have trouble visualizing a space, the before and after potential of their kitchen is priceless.”

Urban Home Magazine

Tips From the Pros on How to Choose a Strong Design-Build Team

“A home renovation project, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or the entire house can be stressful. To alleviate much of the headache involved in the process, a homeowner’s best bet is to utilize a complete design-build team up front for greater efficiency in conception and design. Having over a decade of experience, Realty Restoration, LLC of Austin has developed a strategy for building the perfect design-build team. Their proven success is a trifecta of professionals that embody a few critical characteristics.”

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“Three Generations of Excellence”

“From its modest beginnings in 2001, Realty Restoration has sustained an aggressive rate of expansion that has developed a reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. … Success is a matter of pride for founder, David Davison. “Most people want to perform; they want to do a good job; they want to be proud of the end result,” Davison says. “We strive to create the kind of environment that rewards excellence and shares in that sense of accomplishment.” … That emphasis on customer service and satisfaction has served Realty Restoration well, earning the company a wide array of Contractor of the Year awards by NARI.

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Discovering The WOW Factor

“When NARI Certified Remodeler David Davison of Realty Restoration sees a home for the first time, he finds himself searching for an elusive element that he calls “The WOW Factor”. Forget about what the house looks like now. What is the potential of this particular home, and how can he create a plan that will show others the hidden beauty that he sees?” …